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Personalized nutrition: know how it works

Personalized nutrition is a discipline that individualizes the nutritional strategy to be applied based on the specific needs of each person. The diet is personalized according to the individual’s lifestyle, the goals he/she wants to achieve, the work he/she carries out every day, the physical activity he/she performs and even his/her personal tastes in food. In addition, personalized nutrition takes into account these important factors when designing an eating plan: the genetic component, food allergies, emotional state throughout the day, among others.

Taking control of your diet

Once you decide to apply personalized nutrition for the greatest benefit of your overall health you should visit a nutritionist doctor specialized in that discipline to guide you wisely throughout the process. Basically the doctor will do an exhaustive interview about your lifestyle, evaluate your weight and body composition, your physical activity, you should make the relevant checks regarding your genetics and possible allergies or food rejections, among other factors. Once your body, genetics and lifestyle are well analyzed, the nutritionist will design a diet exclusively based on your specific needs. The doctor will then accompany you and guide you through the entire process.

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When to choose this option

If you’ve had problems with your body weight your whole life, it’s because you’ve made poor decisions about your diet. You have probably made this mistake: following the diet that a friend follows, or a diet that becomes famous on social networks or in the mass media. Each human body is unique and has specific needs that must be addressed to be well nourished.

A completely healthy lifestyle

Personalized nutrition ensures that you eat what your body really needs and you feel good about it. This discipline strengthens your health in other ways: it improves the quality of your bones, improves metabolism, promotes cardiovascular function, etc. Personalized nutrition should be accompanied by physical activity and good quality sleep. It is also essential to avoid smoking, excess alcohol and the consumption of harmful substances. Good habits not only build a healthy body, but keep the mind and emotions in balance.…