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When Do I Know I Need A Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury attorneys are your best bet if you ever find yourself in an accident. Whether it is an auto accident or a medical negligence-related case, you should seek legal assistance after seeking medical care. Most people ignore this step and end up struggling when they could get recourse through legal action. If you reside in Maui, the team at Lowenthal & Lowenthal can help you get the legal assistance that you need.

Why Choose Lowenthal and Lowenthal?

One of the reasons why the firm has attracted a wide clientele is because it is known for its commitment to quality personal injury litigation and out of court settlements. The firm not only handles auto accidents but also personal injury caused by business owners, medical practitioners and other negligent persons. Whether you become an accident victim following a slip and fall incident in a commercial property, or you got injured in the workplace, the lawyers at Lowenthal & Lowenthal will help you get the redress you deserve.

Most personal injury victims or relatives of affected persons are ignorant of their rights. This is where the services of a good personal injury lawyer come in handy. Not does the team educate you on your rights as a victim or as a relative of the victim, but they also present you with the options available for you. While some cases can easily be settled out of the courtroom, some cannot, especially those that result in death or serious injury of the victim.

Your personal injury lawyer will help you file a suit or initiate the negotiation process with the perpetrator and his lawyers. The team will also help you go over the steps to claim insurance from insurance companies to recover medical costs as well as the loss incurred, for example, if your car or motorcycle was damaged.

Compensation negotiations can be tedious depending on how willing the perpetrator is to cooperate with the victim or not. With the help of experienced personal injury lawyers, you can easily set the ball rolling and get the best deal. The compensation you get may include medical fees, compensation for emotional distress, lost wages, and other costs that might be agreed upon by both parties. When settled in court, compensation usually takes into account both pecuniary and non-pecuniary losses.

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