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The Importance Of A Regular Eye Exam

Our eyesight is a precious gift and we should do everything in our power to keep it as healthy as possible. Scheduling a regular eye exam for the whole family will allow your eye specialist to keep accurate records of any changes in your families eye health. These results can be used to keep your families visions clear and healthy. Here are four reasons why getting an annual eye exam is important for you and your family.

An eye exam can help your child learn.

Good and clear vision is central to a child’s ability to learn. Research has shown that 80% of what a child learns both inside and outside of the classroom is dependent on good vision. Even this statistic is over 20 years old and could most likely be revised upwards with the increased dependency on visuals aids in education. Scheduling an annual eye exam can help ensure that your children are seeing comfortably and clearly.


A growing epidemic of Myopia

There has been a recent upsurge in the cases of myopia. More and more children are developing nearsightedness at earlier ages. Should you be concerned? The earlier you develop myopia the greater the tendency for the condition to progress and get worse throughout their childhood. This puts them at a greater risk of potentially more serious sight-threatening eye conditions as they get older, such as retinal detachment, cataracts and glaucoma.

A vision screening is not the same as an eye exam.

Far too many parents put their trust in school vision screening tests to be an accurate reflection of the state of their children’s vision. Also many adults who pass their vision screening test for their driving licence believe their eyes to be fine. Unfortunately, both these assumptions are inaccurate. Vision screenings produce exactly what it is intended to achieve, they are meant to identify children or adults who have obvious vision issues. A screening is not the same as an eye exam, they can identify problems a person might have performed a specific task such as identifying road signs or reading a chalkboard in the classroom. A full eye exam by an ophthalmologist or an optometrist is designed to ensure a persons vision is always as comfortable and clear as possible, not just under specific circumstances.

They can be used to detect more critical issues

A regular eye exam can act as an early warning system for more significant health issues such as cancer, diabetes, elevated blood pressure and high cholesterol. Even if you think your eyesight is perfect, getting a regular eye exam should be part of regular health check. Do your family a favor, schedule routine eye exams today.…